Commercial and Domestic RHI

What is RHI and how does it affect me?

Simply RHI stands for Renewable Heat Incentive. This is a payment incentive set up by the government to encourage the changeover from antiquated fossil fuels to a newer more efficient greener way of heating.
The payments are broken into two main categories, Domestic and Non-Domestic.
Domestic RHI payments are deemed based on the Energy Performance figures for your property. To see how much you could be eligible for, visit the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive calculator and input the values from your Energy Performance Certificate (post July 2012 only). An RHI estimate will also be provided alongside our quote for you.
Non-Domestic applications are for sites which are commercial or have more than one property and a district heating scheme can qualify.
The main difference between the two is domestic is paid on a deemed figure but Non-Domestic is paid on actual usage through the Tier system. This is quite complex and varies based on the size of the system installed and the operation hours but as a summary generally the returns are calculated by taking the total installed capacity Eg. a 100kw biomass boiler x (1314 run hours for Tier 1 for heat pumps and 3016 for biomass) then x the current Tier one tariff. this will give the bulk payment. Any operation hours over this qualify for a lower level Tier 2 payment.
For an updated tariff list, please view the non-domestic tariff table from ofgem .
Please note some heating uses are excluded from receiving the payments such as open air swimming pools.
For further information on the Domestic and Non-Domestic RHI schemes, please visit the ofgem website and select the scheme applicable to you.

South West Renewables as part of a initial site assessment will guide you through the Domestic or Commercial RHI offered on your proposed installation.
Working out the potential returns on your system can be daunting and we are there to offer up to date advice on where you stand and what you can earn by changing you system from the traditional fossil fuels to a energy efficient renewable energy heating system. We offer a complete service where we apply for the full RHI application on your behalf , this will be for both our clients and third parties, making sure your system accreditation in the maze of forms is successful for both commercial and domestic RHI.
Speed up the process. Choose Southwest Renewables.

We also can arrange for a complete Independent Report on Metering Arrangements (IRMA), this is a report that is requested for certain Biomass commercial projects.