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Southwest Renewables are proud installers of Hargassner Biomass systems.

Why Hargassner?

The philosophy of Hargassner systems is the “Lowest emissions by highest efficiency, maximum comfort and long lifetime”. Hargassner has pioneered eco-friendly heating systems since the company was established in 1984 and this pioneering spirit coupled with their aim to be on top still persists today.

Their dedication to the environment and high-quality systems accompanied by their long-standing excellent reputation made them the perfect match for Southwest Renewables, giving you top brands regardless of the renewable heating technology you choose. Here are 4 key reasons to choose Hargassner Biomass:

1. Experience

  • Hargassner has over 35 years of experience with more than 100,00 satisfied customers
  • Southwest Renewables have almost a decade of experience installing and servicing Hargassner Biomass Boilers

2. High Quality

  • Hargassner pride themselves on delivering the highest quality products, just as Southwest Renewables pride ourselves on our high quality installs
  • Highest quality Austrian biomass boiler manufacturer
  • Robust construction
  • High reliability and longevity

3. Efficiency

  • For both their wood chip and pellet boilers, Hargassner boast efficiencies of over 93% and energy labels of A+ to A++!
  • The Hargassner wood chip heaters make carbon-neutral and energy-efficient heating possible – with one of the cheapest fuels and performance-levels of up to 2000 kW. If you have access to plenty of wood chips, this can be the cheapest way of heating your property while massively reducing your carbon footprint.
  • With the convenience of easy storage, easy maintenance, low fuel costs,
    eco-friendly production and more, pellets make a great choice for heating your property especially where wood chip isn’t available.

4. Convenience

  • For larger-scale projects, fuel stores can be created to house your pellets/wood chip. With automatic feeders such as Sweeper Arms, Walking Floors and Augers, all you need to do is order fuel as you would with other systems and occasionally empty the ash bin.
  • As part of the annual service required for the warranty, your system will be cleaned and restored operating as close to new as possible.
  • High levels of automation in the controls, feeders and more allow you to let the system take care of itself.

Wood Energy supplies state-of-the-art Hargnasser and Binder wood chip and biomass pellet boilers, some of the most efficient, reliable and advanced equipment available today.

Hargassner Boilers
9kW to 199kW
Binder Boilers
200kW to 10MW
Hargassner technology delivers unparalleled levels of automation:
all boilers have fully automatic ignition, automatic heat exchanger cleaning systems and ash extraction.

Wood Energy is the sole distributor of Hargassner technology in the UK.

The Binder boiler offers both a bespoke design capability up to 10MW and steam capability.

The boilers are ideal for situations that require a larger system – typically as part of a broader M&E project.

Hargassner Wood Chip Boilers

  • WTH 25 – 200kW
Binder RRF (Underfed) Boilers

  • 199kW-10MW
Hargassner Wood Pellet Boilers

  • HSV 9-22kW
  • Classic 9-22kW
  • Classic Lambda 25-60kW
  • HSV WTH 70-100Kw
  • HSV WTH 150-200Kw
Binder SRF (Step-grate) Boilers

  • 199kW-10MW
Hargassner Wood Log Boilers

  • HV 20-60kW
  • MV 35-49kW

For more information about Hargassner, please watch the following video or visit their website.