Hargassner Wood Chip Boilers 7-199kW

The Advantages – Model Dependant

  • Highest Efficiency over 90% – tested and certified!
  • Mulitifuel version (Agrofire 25kW to 40kW only) permits the burning of wood pellets, miscanthus, straw and grain)
  • Fully refactory-lined combustion chamber and flame concentration plates for high-temperature combustion
  • Lambda Sensor with fuel-quality detection
  • Ashbox compacting system permitting extended ash box emptying periods
  • Ease of use through SMS module or remote monitoring via PC connection
  • Induced draught fan creating optimum fuel efficiency and safety regardless and independent of the natural chimney draft
  • Negative pressure sensor – safety feature ensuring the boiler shuts down if flue gasses enter the plant room
  • Automatic sliding grate – fully automatic combustion chamber cleaning (150-kW and 199kW boilers have a moving step grate)
  • Automatic turbulator cleaning
  • Air sealed double rotary valve – 100% burn-back protection boiler and boiler can re-fuel whilst still ignited
  • Ingenious single motor technology – controls boiler cleaning, fly ash transport, grate ash removal and ash transport to ash box.
  • 5 year warranty with warranty extensions available subject to service and maintenance contracts.
  • 30 years of manufacturing since 1984
  • With the exception of a minor number of components such as auger motors, all parts are manufactured by Hargassner in Austria.
  • Option: Wood log combustion