Solar Thermal

Solar thermal technologies use the heat from the sun to provide hot water, therefore reducing the amount water of you need to draw from your current hot water system.

Solar thermal systems are generally designed to meet 90% of the heating demand in the period of highest resource (summer) when little space heating is required, or approximately 50% of the average annual hot water requirement.


It is generally accepted that evacuated tubes are more efficient because they work solely on daylight (rather than clear sunlight) – allowing them to work in cloudy conditions and providing good year-round performance. This should supply 90% of hot water from April to November and pre-heat water throughout the winter months. However, both technologies function well and the final choice to opt for one over the other often comes down to aesthetics.

South West Renewables supply and install Flat Plate Collector or Evacuated (or vacuum) solar thermal collectors for domestic and commercial requirements throughout Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset.